Worcester, Mass.
April 14, 1996

Bookshelf hold guides to real and virtual cycling

By Lynne Tolman

    Slick roads and impassable trails can make a cyclist cranky, but consolation for the snowbound this year came in the form of several new biking books. Some recently published volumes that staved off cabin fever and will be handy references in season:

    John G. Wald, 35, of Cambridge, who was killed in an avalanche while climbing Mount Washington last month, was an activist with the Bicycle Coalition of Massachusetts and the Cambridge Bicycle Committee. He was editor of the statewide group's newsletter, Mass Cyclist, from 1993 to 1995, and was working with the Cambridge committee on plans for an Alewife connector to the Minuteman Bikeway, possible site of a planned memorial. Memorial contributions may be made to BCOM/John Wald Fund, 214A Broadway, Cambridge, Mass. 02139.
   TIP OF THE HELMET -- To Dick "The King" Avery, 60, of Worcester, named 1995 Volunteer of the Year by the Seven Hills Wheelmen and honored as such last month with a plaque from the League of American Bicyclists. Avery, who earned his nickname climbing poles for the telephone company, runs the Worcester bike club's annual Quabbin century, set for June 15 this year.

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