2010 Major Taylor Century
Oct. 3, 2010 -- Whitinsville, Mass.
A total of 176 riders bicycled 25, 62 or 100 miles in scenic south-central Massachusetts and Rhode Island, plus a bit of Connecticut. Proceeds benefited 10th Gear Christian Youth CyclistsSeven Hills Wheelmen, and the Major Taylor Association.

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Lynne leaves home
at daybreak.

Peter H. fuels up
at the start.

10th Gear volunteer Steve B., right, reassures people it's the flattest century in the Blackstone Valley.

Kathy G.
from 10th Gear


Mark C. from 10th Gear, event coordinator

Oliver and Gary
The Cone family
from 10th Gear staffs the Glendale, R.I., rest stop.

The Glendale crew
10th Gear volunteers
Casey and Betty
at Whittier Farms, the rest stop in Sutton, Mass.

Great job on the arrows,
Bob Y.

10th Gear volunteers Brenda and Deb
at Whittier Farms

Vance from New York.
Nice Major Taylor jersey!
Jonathan, Anna, Chris
Casey and Betty
at Whittier Farms
Deb after completing the metric century

Look what she's reading!
Get the Major Taylor biography by Andrew Ritchie here.
Charlie the grillmeister
at the finish
Traci and Cathy
from 10th Gear keep track
of who's still on the road.

Traci and Cathy will be the event coordinators in 2011.
Double dogs, coming up
Lynne and Charlie
Time to refuel
Hot cider on a chilly day
Rose and Traci
from the
Major Taylor Century
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