from NH Audubon
led the hike.

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Antrim, N.H.
Jan. 31, 2009
Willard Pond is
a 96-acre pond
that is part of a
 New Hampshire Audubon
wildlife sanctuary in Antrim.
It can be reached from
Route 123 in Hancock,
about 3 miles from the
Harris Center
for Conservation Education

Rick heads up Bald Mountain.

Rick takes a seat overlooking the pond
and takes a picture.
Dick checks the map
while Joy relaxes.

Susan, Rachel, Dick

Joy, Rick, Cheryl. Part of the group heads directly for the peninsula below, and some of us detour
to the summit of Bald Mountain (2,037 feet) first.

Bald Mountain offers a view
of Mount Monadnock (3,165 feet)
to the southwest.

Snowshoe hare tracks
Snowshoe hare
We also see signs
of hedgehogs, maybe a fisher cat,
a mouse,
and something
that got stopped
in its tracks by a bird.

From the peninsula, we cross
the frozen pond, with a view of Bald Mountain.

Rick and Lynne goof around on the ice.

Looking back

Looking ahead
A nearby hike in the fall

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