Descendants of Sigmond Davidowitz

   Notes:  This family has roots in Austria or Austria-Hungary. Family members emigrated to the United States (New York). Some may have used the name Davis in the United States. 
   The symbol "+" indicates a marriage, and people "married in" to the Fein line are listed in italics.  Married women are listed with their maiden names only.  Children's names are indented underneath their parents' names.  Year of birth and year of death are listed if known; no other personal information will be published on the Web. Click on the camera symbol ( ) next to a name to see a photo or photos of that person. 
   More information about individuals named here is available upon request from Lynne Tolman, a great-great-granddaughter of Sigmond Davidowitz.  Please contact Lynne with any questions, corrections or additions. 
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Sigmond "Samuel" Davidowitz   about 1837-? 
+ Rosa 

Julia Davidowitz  about 1867-1966 
+ Henry Mehalowitz  1867-1946 [see Descendants of Herman Mehalowitz]
Harriet "Hattie" Mehalowitz  1892-?
+ Benjamin Smith [first husband of Harriet Mehalowitz] 1883-1920
Gertrude Smith  about 1913-
Shirley Smith  about 1916-
+ Albert Grossman  [second husband of Harriet Mehalowitz] about 1878-? 

Ruth Mehalowitz   about 1894-? 
+ _____ Taylor 

Lillian Mehalowitz  1896-1952     
+ William Fein 1894-1946 [See Descendants of Jacob Fein    

Jesse Horace Fein  1920-1971    
+ Betty Marks  1924-2022
Barbara Ann Fein  1948- 
+ Christopher Alexander Colombi Jr.  1942-1991 
Jessica Violetta Colombi  1978-
+ Chris Nance
Geraldine "Gigi" Fein  1953- 
+ Ronald Stanley Geizer 1941-
Sherwood Benjamin "Midge" Fein  1927-1994     
+ Jane Gloria Hart  1930-2013 
Laurie Ann Fein  1954- 
+ Shimon Sapir 
Jonathan Jesse "Yoni" Sapir  1981- 

Le'Or Sapir  1982- 
+ Danielle Goldschneider
Naomi Jane Sapir  2019-
Elad Sapir  1989-
Cynthia Gail Fein  1956- 
+ Bob Strauss  1956- 
Aaron Reuben Strauss  1985- 
+ Samantha Casne

Joseph Micah Strauss  1987- 

Daniel Zachary Strauss  1990-
+ Sunny Iyer
Warren Lewis Fein  1959- 
+ Lisa Warnick  1958- 
Samuel Fein  1991- 

Jacob Fein  1993-
Elliot David Fein  1960- 
+ Eve Melman  1961- 
Aryeh Lev Melman Fein  1990- 

Peretz "Perry" Nachum Melman Fein  1993-
Amy Karen Fein  1967-
+ Kamaka Halas
Eliana Magic Halas  2010-
Sharlene Joy Fein  1935-2017    
+Stephen Tolman  1936-2022
[See Descendants of Avraham Yoshua Tullman] 
William Baker Tolman  1961-       Tolman Group Lab 
+ Bonnie Claire Gruen  1961- 
Sarah Frances Gruen Tolman  1991- 
+ Maxwell J. Eichenberger 1991-

Claire Rachel Gruen Tolman  1993- 

Simon Joseph Gruen Tolman  1999-
Lynne Ann Tolman  1962-
Harry Mehalowitz/Marlowe  1898-1953
+ Eva Lipman  about 1898-?
Matthew Marlowe 1922-2010
+ Deborah "Dotty" Stessel  1923-2010
Steven Marlowe
+ Martha
Adam Marlowe
Elisabeth Marlowe
Jeffrey Marlowe
+ Patricia Honeycutt
Sherwood Marlowe 1931-
Sophie Pauline Mehalowitz  1900-1979
+ Abraham Steinberg/Sternberg  1899-1961
Corrine Jessica Steinberg/Sternberg  1932-1994
+ David Joseph Kaplan  1927-2001
Steven J. Kaplan
+ Julie Collins

Ellen Kaplan
+ Steven Snyder

Leonard Marlowe  1904-1981 
+ Ivy Garton [first wife of Leonard Mehalowitz/Marlowe]
+ Ruth Phillips  [second wife] 1908-1987

Esther Davidowitz  about 1869-?
+ Herman Friedman about 1866-?

Sophia Friedman about 1890-?
Carrie Friedman  about 1891-?
Jennie Friedman  about 1893-?
Lillie Friedman  about 1900-?

Contact:  Lynne Tolman 
Updated 7/13/2022