Descendants of Myer Fleischman

  Notes:  This family tree goes back to the province of Volhynia, Russia/Poland, now in Ukraine.  Towns involved include Ostrog and Shumsk.  Family members emigrated to the United States (Boston).  
  The symbol "+" indicates a marriage, and people "married in" to the Fleischman line are listed in italics.  Married women are listed with their maiden names only.  Children's names are indented underneath their parents' names.  Year of birth and year of death are listed if known; no other personal information will be published on the Web.  An asterisk (*) indicates the person died in the Holocaust. Click on the camera symbol ( ) next to a name to see a photo or photos of that person. 
   The names Myer and Rachel Fleischman come from their daughter Etta (Fleischman) Tolman's death certificate; more likely they were Meier and Ruchel in Yiddish. 
   More information about individuals named here is available upon request from Lynne Tolman, a great-great-granddaughter of Myer Fleischman. Please contact Lynne with any questions, corrections or additions. 
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Myer Fleischman 
+ Rachel  

Neche "Nellie" Fleischman  1873-? [immigrated to USA 1904]   
+ Mechel "Max" Guller/Goller 1865-? [immigrated to USA 1904] 
Hyman Goller 1893-? [immigrated to USA] 
+ Ida [first wife of Hyman Goller] 
Esther Goller
+ Rae Platt [second wife of Hyman Goller] 

Rose Goller 1895-1959 [immigrated to USA 1904]   
+ Max Rossman 1893-1972   

Michael H. Rossman 1917-2003 
+ Ruth D. Shoer 1918- 
Neil Rossman   1946- 
+ Victoria Bray  [first wife of Neil Rossman] 1945- 
Joshua David Rossman  1978-  
Sarah Elizabeth Rossman  1980-
+ Ariel Ernesto Gonzalez  1964-
Noah Ariel Gonzalez  2001-
+ Elizabeth Lyman [second wife of Neil Rossman]  1944- 
Benjamin Joseph Rossman  1997-
Jeffrey Rossman  1949- 
+ Janet Marie Valle  1950- 
Matthew Jason Rossman  1975- 

James Douglas Rossman   1977- 

+ Annie

Cameron  2014-
Daniel Jon Rossman  1987-
Martha Ellen Rossman  1950-
Sylvia Rossman  1923-2009 
+ Sumner Madow 1916-1995
Nancy Ellen Madow  1949- 
+ Alan Sander Katz  1930-2000 
Ari Adam Katz  1973- 
+ Stacey Elissa Rosenblum  1975-  
Zachary Alan Katz  2005-
Hannah Ashley Katz  2006-
Sophie Alexis Katz  2008-
Noa Addison Katz  2018-
Alexander Ethan Katz  1974- 
+ Sarah Ryan Case 1974- [first wife of Alexander Katz]
+ Jessica Anne Rubinstein 1972- [second wife of Alexander Katz]
Charles Alan Katz  2007-
Samantha Alina Katz  2009-
James S. Madow 1952-
Daniel Madow  1986-
Morris Goller 1897-1961 [immigrated to USA 1904] 
+ Rose Hafkin [first wife of Morris Goller] 
Melvin Goller
+ Lillian Kramer [second wife of Morris Goller] 

Meyer Goller 1900-? [immigrated to USA 1904] 

Anne Goller 1901-? [immigrated to USA 1904] 
+ Murray "Modie" Aronson

Etta Fleischman  1875-1933 [immigrated to USA 1904]   
+ Harry Tolman  ("the Zadie") 1874-1962 [immigrated to USA about 1903]   
   [see Descendants of Avraham Yoshua Tullman
      Maurice M. "Meyer" Tolman  1903-1986 [immigrated to USA 1904]   + Gertrude Ethel Kolovson  1901-1975   
      Roslaide "Roz" Tolman  1928- 
      + Robert Boyer  1921-2003   
        Alan Barry Boyer  1953- 
        + Holly Shaw  
          Ronna Michelle Boyer  1986-
          + Jeremy Antar
            Emma James Antar  2017-
            Sienna Antar
          Andrew Boyer  1989- 
        Toby Ellen Boyer  1955- 
        + Bennett Freeman 
          Jeremy Glenn Freeman  1983- 
          + Cristina Rosa Dacchille 1981- 
            Samuel Robert Freeman  2014-

          Daniel Michael Freeman  1985- 
        + Rohn Grossguth

      E. Laurie Tolman  1935- 
      + Sylvia Bossman  1936- 
        Deborah Lynne Tolman  1961- 
        + Luis Antonio Ubinas 
          Maximillian Jacob Ubinas  1995- 
          Benjamin Isaac Ubinas  1997- 
        David Philip Tolman  1962- 
        + Maria Lisa Motto 
          Luke Motto Tolman  1996- 
          Claire Motto Tolman  1999- 
        Audrey Ellen Tolman  1965- 
        + Eric Howard Goldstein  1967- 
          Madeline Ruth Tolman Goldstein  1998- 
          Samuel Hillel Goldstein  2001- 
    Max Jacob Tolman  1907-1995         
    + Frances L. Baker  1909-1978  [See descendants of B'tsalel Baker 
      Stephen Tolman  1936-2022 
      + Sharlene Joy Fein  1935-2017   [See descendants of Jacob Fein
        William Baker Tolman  1961-    
        + Bonnie Claire Gruen  1961- 
          Sarah Frances Gruen Tolman  1991-
          + Maxwell J. Eichenberger 1991-
            Ezra Joan Eichenberger  2023-
          Claire Rachel Gruen Tolman  1993- 
          Simon Joseph Gruen Tolman  1999- 
        Lynne Ann Tolman  1962- 
      Edward Laurie Tolman  1942- 
      + Anita Young  1946- 
Jennifer Michelle Tolman  1974- 
+ Steven Ira Weiss [first husband of Jennifer]
+ Jeffrey Craig Schwartzman  1968-  [second husband of Jennifer]
Max Bernard Schwartzman  2005-
Samuel Preston Schwartzman  2006-
Eli Austin Schwartzman  2008- 

Contact:  Lynne Tolman 
Updated 1/13/2023