Descendants of Gavriel Hartenstein
or Gartenstein

  Notes:  Gavriel Hartenstein or Gartenstein lived in Pochayev, in the Volhynia province of Russia, now Ukraine. In the 1890s his four children emigrated to the United States, where at least one of them used the surname Green. 
  Hartenstein is listed as Rebecca Cohen's maiden name on her marriage certificate, but descendants also have heard relatives pronounce it Gartenstein, which may correspond to Gartenshteyn as listed in the Pochayev Yizkor book. 
  The symbol "+" indicates a marriage, and people "married in" to the Hartenstein line are listed in italics. Married women are listed with their maiden names only.  Children's names are indented underneath their parents' names.  Year of birth and year of death are listed if known; no other personal information will be published on the Web. Click on the camera symbol ( ) next to a name to see a photo or photos of that person. 
   More information about individuals named here is available upon request from Lynne Tolman, who is not a Hartenstein descendant but is related to some Hartenstein descendants. Please contact Lynne with any questions, corrections or additions. 
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Gavriel Hartenstein 
+ [wife] 
Morris Green  [immigrated to USA] 
+ Fradel 
Jacob "Jack" Green 
+ Edith 
Morton Green  ?-1999
+ Rose Alice ?-?
Jeffrey Green 
+ Beth 
Emily Green 
Sophie Green
Andrew Green 
+ Misha
Fradel Green 
+ Leo Kramer 
Martha Kramer
+ Neal J. Fox 

Anita Kramer 

Joanna Kramer
Eli Kramer 
+ Berta 
Sima Kramer
+ Michele Crema
Mila Crema
Noah Yoel Crema 
Azariah "Zaki" Kramer
+ Hannah
Sally "Sadie" Green 1909- 
+ Charles Gouse  1891-1967  [immigrated to USA] 
Phyllis Edele Gouse 1939- 
+ David H. Kravetz 1938- 
Joel Kravetz  1967- 
Peter Kravetz  1968- 
Andrew Kravetz  1969-
Mary Ruth Gouse  1950- 
+ Martin Stuart Edelstein 1950- 
Craig Edelstein 1988-
Rebecca Hartenstein   about 1863-1931  [immigrated to USA] 
+ Max Cohen   about 1861-1946 
Israel Willinger   1889-1976 
+ Regina Halpern   1889-1992 
Gladys Willinger 
+ Ben Sweet 
Douglas Sweet 
+ Sally Johnson 
Dan Sweet 
Jesse Sweet 
Caitlin Sweet
Steven Sweet 
+ Elizabeth "Libby" Black 
Sarah Sweet 
William Sweet
Brenda Sweet 
+ Gordon McGregor
Samuel Cohen  1900-1993 
+ Ruthina Fiman  1905-1985 
Gerald Willinger  1926-1998 
+ Evelyn Weinberg 
Daniel Willinger 
+ Helen Eagerman 
Jason Willinger
Karen Willinger 
+ Neal Nelson 

Kenneth Willinger 
+ Florence Delsantos 

Ginger Willinger 
Sophia Willinger
Minda Willinger  1961-1999
Evelyn Cohen 
+ Arnold Wolfe 
Amy Wolfe 
+ Hank Wolfson 
Rachel Wolfson 
Hannah Wolfson
Jodi Wolfe 
+ Bill Vaczy 
Daniel Vaczy 
Shaina Vaczy
Anna Wolfe
Barbara Cohen 
+ Steve Simon 
Todd Simon 
+ Jana Gasman [first wife of Todd Simon]
+ Rosalie Pacheco [second wife of Todd Simon] 

Tracey Simon 
+ Erik Roush 

Alicia Roush 
Erik Roush Jr.
Rose Cohen   1901-1983 
+ Joseph Blotner  1895-1964 
Dorris Blotner 

Malcolm R. Blotner 
+ Dorothy Kaplan 

Jody Blotner 
+ Steve Bard 
Nicole Bard 
Jessica Rose Bard  1999-
Steven Blotner 
+ Jennifer Jacobs 
Kayla Blotner
Brian Blotner 
+ Marni Gold
Anne Cohen  1902-1986 
+ Harry Modes  1904-1969 
Randolph Modes
Louise Cohen  1905- 
+ M. Herbert Fineberg  1899-1990 
Joyce Fineberg 
+ Norm Spector 
Sharon Spector 
Joanne Spector
Jennie Cohen  1908-1995 
+ David Barth  1908-1986 
Richard S. Barth  1938-2020
+ Sheila F. Lerman  abt 1942-2020
[names withheld]

 Elana Barth 
+ Dennis Turchon 
Gisele Turchon
Gary Barth 
+ Michelle Crooker 
Jacqueline Barth 
Jamie Barth
Sara Barth 
+ Peter Kelley 
Eli Kelley
Anja Kelley
Fannie Hartenstein or Green  [immigrated to USA] 
+ Wolfe Artenstein 
Sarah Artenstein  1896-1903

Maurice Artenstein  1898-1974
+ Irene Greenberg  1904-1991
Shirley Gay Artenstein about 1929-1968
+ Milton Boches 1927-1996
Francee S. Boches  1950-2017
Bruce Boches 
+ Sherrill Fletcher 
Heather Boches 
Jason Boches
Amy Boches 
Wayne Boches  1959-
Malcolm S. Artenstein  1930-1976 
+ Sylvia Corman 1933-2007
Lisa Artenstein 
+ Robert Ashton 
Thomas Malcolm Ashton 
Celia Mallory Ashton
Andrew William Artenstein 
+ Debra Pacheco 
Nicholas Corman Artenstein 
Michael Samuel Artenstein
Richard Artenstein  1931-2015
+ Charlotte Kremer  1941-
Margo Sheila Artenstein  1976-2020
+ [_____] 
Jeremy Daniel Artenstein 1999-
+ John LaCroix 
Eli LaCroix  2002-
+ ____ McNair
Dylan McNair

+ _____ Ingram
Eden Ingram
Alan Artenstein  1977-
Israel Artenstein 

Flora Artenstein 

Ida Artenstein 

Abe Artenstein 
+ [wife

Jack Artenstein 
+ Nancy 
Ellen Artenstein 
+ Robert Wacks 
Rachel Wacks 
Daniel Wacks 
Jessica Wacks
Jeffrey Artenstein 
Michael Artenstein 
+ Walia 
John Artenstein
Mary Green  about 1878-about 1953   [immigrated to USA]  
+ Harry Gold  about 1876-about 1964  [immigrated to USA]   
   [see Descendants of Abraham Klotz
Sadie Gold  about 1902-?  

Jennie Gold  1904-1950  
+ Philip Aliber 1900-1985   [immigrated to USA]  
   [see Descendants of David Aliber

Beatrice Shirley Aliber  1928-2020 
+ Robert Marvin Epsten  1924-2017   
Andrea Rae Epsten  1950- 
+ Richard Jay Kaplan  1948- 
Bryan Evan Kaplan 1980-
+ Jenny Powell  1983-
Evan Kaplan  2014-
Aiden James Kaplan  2017-
Robert Marvin Epsten  1952-2019 
+ Dorothy Lillian "Locke" Seiler  1953- 
Emily Joella Epsten  1986-
+ Gabe Calloway
Dana Loren Epsten  1988-
+ Colin Salko  1988-

Jon Harry Epsten  1956- 
+ Mary Helen Geist  1958- 
Michael Philip Epsten  1985-
+ Rebecca Zaid  1989-
Natalie Epsten 2016-
Alana Jenae Epsten  1988-
+ Jared Ziman  1981-
Sidney Ziman  2019-
Gilbert Donald Aliber  1933-2023 
+ Phyllis Ann Stone  1936- 
Jeffrey David Aliber  1959- 
+ Joanne Rosskam  1959- 
Matthew Stephen Aliber  1990-
+ Margaret Lamiell  1989-
Joshua Emery Aliber  1992- 
Benjamin Philip Aliber  2001-
+ Carmen Urbonas
Stephen Jay Aliber  1960-1968   

Jennifer Rose Aliber  1964- 
+ Steven Dannin  1964- 

Sarah Michelle Dannin  1992- 
Jacob Seth Dannin  1995-

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