Friday, Sept. 22 
Hell  Tour 
 Yama Jigoku (Mountain Hell) 
  Jigoku Meguri (Hell Tour) is one of Beppu's main tourist attractions. The eight main jigoku (hell) ponds are bubbling, steaming hot springs that are for viewing, not bathing. Temperatures range from about 90 degrees Celsius to boiling (100 degrees). A Hell Tour pass for admission to all eight jigokus costs about $20. Each jigoku has a little park built around it, with additional attractions such as fancy gardens, a zoo, an aquarium, a crocodile farm (many animals thrive in the heat from the springs). Food concessions feature eggs or sweet potatoes cooked right over the hot water. 
Lynne with a jigoku devil
Kinryu Jigoku (Golden Dragon Hell)
  We got a lot of chuckles out of the fractured English we saw on various signs and packages throughout Japan (see, but at Kinryu Jigoku one warning sign in English was bluntly correct: "DANGER -- If you fall in the pond, you will be boiled." 
Virtual Hell Tour  
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