Monday, Sept. 11 
Ferry to Kitakyushu 


  Kazuko drove us to the Matsuyama ferry terminal Monday morning and helped Rick buy our tickets for the 7:50 a.m. ferry, about $78 apiece including bikes. The ticket seller used an abacus to add up the total. 

  We had been told we'd need to have the bikes in bags for the ferry. We removed the front wheels and tied them to the frame to make the bike length a little shorter. We used our Bike Jams, nylon covers that fit over the bikes, only we put them upside down under the bikes so they formed a sack, with only the seat protruding from the top. We secured the bikes to a stair railing in the entryway of the ferry. 

  It was raining when we set sail, and the weather map showed a typhoon to the south. But the forecast for Kyushu was just cloudy, and it wasn't raining when we arrived in Kitakyushu.