Saturday, Sept. 23
Yaki-tori and roboto-yaki
  Our last night in Matsuyama, we sampled two restaurants and two bars. First we ate yaki-tori, grilled chicken and vegetables on skewers. Next was a roboto-yaki restaurant, where the raw food is displayed on ice in front of the bar. After each dish is prepared, the plate is handed back to you on a long wooden paddle. Your "tab" is a stack of color-coded plastic chips (a different color for each price). The chips are about the size of coasters, with a hole in the middle, for stacking on an upright skewer.
Sushi, mushrooms, eggplant, grilled rice, fried sweet potatoes -- and beer

  After dinner, we went back to Peggy Sue for another beer, and then to a bar called Taxi that had an impressive record collection (yes, vinyl) and a long drink list ("gin licky," etc.).
  Last stop for the night was Himehiko, the same onsen as the night before. We were amazed that the baths were bustling at midnight.