Wednesday, Sept. 13 
Rainy morning 

  It rained during breakfast. Another hostel guest, a young man from Hiroshima who was traveling by motorcycle and spoke a little English, went over some maps with us and translated a train schedule for us. 
Morning view from Takeo Onsen Youth Hostel
   Before we packed our panniers, the rain stopped and the clouds started burning off, so we reconsidered our plan to take a train to Nagasaki. But then it started pouring again! Then, by the time we got ready to go, it was clearing again. What to do? We  figured we deserved a rest after two long riding days. Plus, not being on the road all day would give us more time and energy for sightseeing. As it turned out, our hunch that more hard rain was on the way proved correct -- but fortunately, it didn't rain until we were on the train. 
  After we headed down the hill from the hostel, our first stop was a fruit stand, to get bananas.