Tuesday, Sept. 12 
Takeo Onsen Youth Hostel 

  In town, we bought prepared food from a conbini (convenience store) for dinner and got a local map and directions to Takeo Onsen Youth Hostel. 

Takeo Onsen Youth Hostel
 We had hoped the hostel was at the hot springs, but it was a couple of miles away. The hostel was on top of a steep hill, and riding up it at dusk was almost creepy with the sounds of unfamiliar birds and crickets. Once we got up there, there was no way we were going back across town to the onsen that evening. 
  There were only a couple of other guests, and we got a four-bunk room to ourselves. After showering and eating our conbini dinner in the dining room, we did a load of laundry, fighting to stay awake while our socks tumbled dry.